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Exchange program for journalists 2021

Belarus Now - Covering Human Rights and LGBTQ Issues in Cross-Border Journalism


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Looking at massive Human Rights violations by the Belarusian regime and the systematic undermining of the freedom of the press, we aim to build a journalistic network sharing information and expertise, thereby supporting us with raising public awareness for developments affecting both Human Rights and LGBTQ issues in Belarus. To achieve this, we will put you in contact with NGOs, Human Rights activists and journalists from Belarus, and support you in your research through our contacts and networks. Workshops, lectures and network meetings offer you the basis for familiarising yourself with Human Rights and LGBQT issues in Belarus and expanding your personal networks and contacts.

After completion of the project, we expect you to publish at least one journalistic article on a homepage especially created for the purpose of raising awareness for actual developments in Belarus, and to promote broad coverage of an insight perspective from within the country. With our community management, we will support you in your research on Human Rights and LGBTQ issues, and with publishing your contributions in an English-speaking, civic society environment.


Our mission is:

          • To promote cross-border collaboration between journalists and Human Rights activists from Germany and Belarus.
          • To raise and maintain public awareness for Human Rights violations in Belarus.
          • To strengthen civil society work in the fields of Human Rights protection, LGBTQ issues and feminism.
          • To have a good time whilst expanding our knowledge during our meetings, workshops and formats of exchanges of your experiences

Our project activities:

  • September 2021. The project begins: Please take the time, from 4pm to 7pm every Thursday in September 2021, to take part in our workshops, lectures, network meetings and formats for the exchange of information among colleagues.
  • From September 2021, you will have time for your own research, portraits, documentation and interviews. We will support you, as and when needed, by means of our community management, for example, in your search for interview partners and other contacts.
  • The articles and outputs should be published by December 2021 in different kinds of media. We would greatly appreciate you having specific ideas as to where your contributions can be published. Additionally, the journalistic outputs will be published on a platform to serve as documentation of the project outcome.


Who can apply?

The project is aimed at journalists, activists, representatives from NGOs and bloggers who enjoy researching Human Rights and LGBTQ topics and exchanging information with colleagues. You can be a freelancer, or work for a particular medium.

How do I apply?

From 2nd July to 22nd July 2021, you should please apply with your curriculum vitae, letter of motivation and a brief outline of the research project with ideas for its realisation/publishing. Your application must be submitted in English. The announcement can be found here.

If you are interested in the project and want to receive additional information - just send us an E-mail. Funded in the context of the "Eastern Partnership Program". For more information click here.


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