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Exchange program for journalists 2022

Writing for Diversity - LGBTQ issues in Cross-Border journalism

Design ohne Titel3Russia's war of aggression has devastating consequences for the people in Ukraine and the humanitarian situation on the ground. Many people are experiencing bombardments, the deprivations of war, the loss of loved ones and the prospect of an uncertain future. Many people are fleeing within or across Ukraine's borders. They are received with great solidarity by people and NGOs from Germany and Moldova.

All people suffer dramatically under the war and yet it certainly affects the most vulnerable groups in society - including representatives of the LGBTQ community. Making the current situation of queer people visible in the media is the goal of the project. For this purpose, we invite journalists from Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Germany to a joint journalistic trip to Berlin in the fall of 2022. The study trip will focus on formats of cross-border journalistic exchange, talks with experts from the three project countries, meetings with representatives of the Ukrainian (LGBTQ) diaspora, a professional exchange with security experts and an intense dialogue with human rights and humanitarian organizations. We support the journalists in implementing their own journalistic projects, which will then be published on the project sites of the partner organizations and in important media in the three project countries.

The research and networking trip to Berlin will take place from 14th-20th November 2022. Further information can be found here. The project is aimed at journalists from Germany, Moldova and Ukraine. We expect sensitivity in dealing with LGBTQ issues and the desire to work in an environment free of discrimination. Travel, accommodation, food and program costs will be covered. Fees for journalistic contributions cannot be paid. The subsequent application should consist of a CV with a letter of motivation as well as an initial project idea (the latter no more than one page). Please apply by 30th August 2022.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you.



Sebastian Rösner
Department EU & Europe
calls: +49 30 88412-202



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